Tuesday 24 December 2013

Art you can use: Cushions by Radhika Prathipati

Radhika Prathipati is a very talented artist and a dear friend. Whenever I need wall art for a design project I go to her.

She works with different media including oil, watercolor, and pen and ink. She also has sketched a lot of very interesting and very vibrant faces with color pencils which are my favorite.

Radhika has also recently custom made a painting for a wedding favor for one of my projects. In case you have an interesting project or you need something special for an occasion, she can custom design or create a painting for your requirement.

She recently got some of her artwork printed on cushions and they are beautiful. Here are some of them which i shot with my phone camera. If you'd like to buy them, please send me an email to ambicasrimal@gmail.com. All cushions are priced at Rs. 750 and are 12 inches by 12 inches in size.

PS: She helped me design the lehenga i had got made for my friend's wedding. She is the one whose sense of color and design i like and trust the most.  

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