Material Girl

I grew up and live in Hyderabad...
... and travel where work and my heart takes me. 

My career, in brief... 
I studied fashion, slogged in the family electrical business, wrote for a dot com, answered calls at a telecom company, climbed up the corporate ladder at an online gaming company, continued the rise with a retail business and then gave it all up to follow my dreams.
Happy and I

Now, for a living... 
i work as a business consultant for a training company, style homes and office spaces, style spaces for shoots, and do random short duration projects for friends, family and acquaintances.

On following my dream...
i am in the process of starting my own label, which will be available in the online space very shortly, before April 2013 ends. I am going to start really small and hope to make it grow in time.

My favorite time pass
Rearrange the house to better organize stuff, watch films and TV shows and make travel plans.

Wanting to reorganize every single thing so its easy to find. I also mentally reorganize and redecorate most homes or places i visit. 

I write sometimes, read often rarely,  talk a bit much, netsurf a lot more and play with no-name dogs the rest of the time. 
When i find time i love to travel and click pictures
I also love to potter around the house and take up random DIY projects that take forever to complete.
I love cooking, and i especially love cooking when i have people over. 
I always find the time to shop. 

I'd like to 
Wear shorts all the time and not be stared at. 
Live in a house that has a central courtyard, a BIG kitchen, lots of greens, and the sea in the backyard.
Be able to keep at least 4 dogs in that home. 

I love
Bright colors
Fairy Lights
Traditional arts n crafts - and hope to work in the revival of a dying form someday. 
Receiving gifts... especially of the handmade, or art n craft kind.

I hate 
Things out of place or scattered around or messed up.
People littering public places.
Rude people and people who interfere in other people's lives.

I envy
People who get to travel because of their job and to see new places.

I am
left-handed and have 2 left feet.

I dream of...
One day opening my little store in a big home that sells a whole lot of different things, has a coffee shop, a learning centre, an exhibition space and free wi-fi.
Traveling to Europe and New Zealand
Also traveling to South America, Japan, China, Jordan, Turkey, Burma, Australia, Vietnam and Cambodia


  1. Keep up the great work... Very few people get the chance to follow their heart and you are one amongst them.... go girl!!! live it:)

    1. thanks so much Rachna :) am trying my hardest to not succumb to the lure of the lucre!!!

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