Monday 26 March 2012

Discovering a restaurant: Naivedyam

After the fun and games on Sunday, and a lot of vetoing we headed to Ameerpet to Naivedyam for dinner. Naivedyam is a North Indian restaurant that specializes in Vegetarian Punjabi food. 

It's small but clean. There is not much in the way of decor, but the food is delicious, the service prompt and the prices, easy on the pocket. They even serve steaming hot phulkas and the stuffed parathas are actually 'stuffed'. The marwari dal with hing tadka and bhindi fry were my favorites from our order.

I enjoyed my dinner so much i even ordered a lot of food for the boys at Sunny Side Up who had been working very hard all day long. And even though the food was not piping hot by the time i reached, they thanked me at least four times each for the 'superb' dinner. 

Naivedyam is tucked away out of sight, in Meridian Plaza, right next to Lal Bungalow, in Ameerpet. Go try!

{photo courtesy: just dial}


  1. Yes..this please is fabulous!..

    1. :D i love discovering new places to eat. gives me a major high! i wonder how columbus felt!!


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