Monday 26 March 2012

Playing games

Monika is an Italian / German who lives in Hyderabad and enjoys spicy food and hates beer. She is also a terrific model and i had met her at the Wundershop shoot a few months ago.

When she invited me on Sunday to her boyfriend's home for an evening of games, i hesistatingly asked her if she meant playstation / xbox / wii. She said no (thankfully), and said she meant board games. Ooh! This sounded fun. So even though i was at Banjara Hills at that time, and i knew i had to go back home to change clothes from wedding finery to casual, i said yes with a smile.

I reached, met the gang, got talking, and got comfortable real quick. We finally settled down to play Clue, a logic based detective game, that i remember playing decades ago... It was so much fun that i kept asking myself why we don't play board games more often? I can only associate board games with happy times with friends and family and hope for more such evenings.

Do you and your gang play board games? What is your favorite? The other A and i play a lot of Scrabble. When there are more friends around we sometimes play Uno. I have played a lot of Monopoly and Boggle and Stock Market with my cousins. And of course, Ludo and Snakes and Ladders.

The evening was so much fun that is made the 20 km not-fun-in-the-sun drive-back-and-forth totally worth it. And it was also the only bright spot in an otherwise blah weekend. 

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