Thursday 26 December 2013

Instalove 2: Humansofny

Instagram handle: Humansofny

Followers: 324426
Posts: 1123
Photographer: Brandon
Meet him: www.humansofny.com/about

Why i follow: I get to see pictures of people and a human side of NY and not just buildings or people walking on a busy street. Finally!

I love this Instaaccount not just for the pictures but for the account of the conversations Brandon has with the people he shoots. (I love listening people who have a funny bone, since i don't have one.) The people in these pics said:
  • "I'm currently working the Renaissance Fair circuit." "Cool. Playing music?" "No. I dress up like a pirate and sell boots."
  • Seen on the Upper West Side
  • I asked her 15 questions. She made this face 15 times. Then I walked away.
  • "What's going on here?" "Just taking a walk."
Follow Humansofny and enjoy the pictures!

{All pics are from Humansofny.}

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