Monday 3 March 2014

Best Chocolate Brownies I Have Ever Had

I recently reconnected with Shilpa, a school friend after 2 decadesand we have been bonding over afternoon booze sessions.

She recently invited another school friend Maddy and me over to her home for a marathon baking session. We baked brownies, an orange cake, and two types of bread (my participation was zero and only limited to eating and taking pictures!)

Maddy swears by Stephanie's brownie recipe and honest to God... these were the awesomest brownies I have ever had. Rich and moist and very chocolatey. Divine and guaranteed to take you to food heaven.

If you'd like to make them brownies, head to the Joy of Baking. You can thank me by sending a couple of pieces when you bake them :D

PS: The brownies, unfortunately, are not eggless.

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