Friday 28 March 2014

In the closet 3: Meet Sharanya Rao

Presenting the 3rd closet story. This one has been lying in the mailbox since forever (i am super-lazy... you know that by now!). 

Meet Sharanya Rao aka Panache_
Sharanya, the fashionista works in a finance company for a living, takes pictures for fun, hordes silver jewelry, applies beautiful mehendi designs when she is bored, reads a lot, loves travel and is a foodie.

And guess what i found in her closet? I found crochet :D

Here's talking to SR, the closet crocheter. She has also shared some resources if you would like to try.

MG: What  do you do for a living?
SR: I have an MBA in marketing and finance and I work with a finance company. I know it sounds boring... Believe me it's lot of fun! 

MG: Social networking and you... in 30 words
SR: Opens a world of possibilities! You can connect with anyone and everyone who are not accessible in real life. You can represent yourself they way you want and the resources you have access to is mind blowing. 

MG: What made you start crocheting?
SR: It started off with SUPW classes in school, mom was very interested in craft...but she didn't have the right resources,  I learnt the basics (saw how the teacher moved the crochet needle and wool) and taught mom or tried to teach. She would somehow see to that my project was complete. Voila! I always got an A+ in my knitting and crochet projects :) I don't think I would have got through school without my wonderful mother :) Later when I got working and wanted to have a hobby... I thought why not try something I already know a bit... And it worked! I remembered every stitch I learnt (visually). 

MG: I love every single piece of crochet in that collage but the wrap is my favorite! SR, hats off to you for the skill and patience with which you have made the pieces featured here. 

MG: What's your favorite color?
SR: It's seasonal! My current favorite is coral... all time favorite is red. When in doubt wear red, I believe in this! 

MG: If you could give up what you do and do something else... would you? And what?

SR: I haven't figured out that yet! I have too many ideas running around in my head and somehow I have this difficulty to commit to one idea :) I might be sounding very vague, but right now that's how it is :) 

{Links if you want to get started crocheting: YouTube and Ravelry.}

{Previous editions: Meet the shoe-hoarder Divsi, the closet poet Braj, the IITian who is passionate about photography Anil, the lawyer who is also a photogrpher Cristian, and the product designed Manreet who now designs and retails jewelry.}

Hope you have enjoyed meeting Sharanya. If you'd like to share what's in your closet... do send me an email to ambicasrimal@gmail.com.

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