Friday, 29 March 2013

Weekly Challenge #6 - My little garden - Done

I wanted to frost. But something came up and travel plans upset my frosting dream!

I have had to postpone that for next week or week after that. To make up,  i planted a few herbs for this week's challenge.

(Again, one of those things i wanted to do since some time.)

I have planted these seeds in really tiny pots - coriander, fenugreek and green chilis.

Keeping my fingers crossed coz i am not very good at this.

The fourth pot is empty... any suggestions on what i can plant there?

I am also looking for a nice wooden box, an old drawer or a wooden tray to keep my pots in. Hopefully i should find something soon.

PS: The pigeons are still here but i dont know if there is an egg in the  nest there... i have barricaded the ledge with some bricks to avoid a disaster like before

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