Friday, 29 March 2013

Did you play Holi?

I wasn't going to play holi this year. But i wanted to. Very badly. There is something so exhilarating about the festival - for me, it's like no other.

Rubbing color on another with boisterous glee, drinking the official drink of holi and not be frowned upon, and then getting knackered some more with alcohol - how can you not love it. And the madness makes you forget all your troubles and worries. You sleep like a baby, after all the crazyness and hungama.

I did all that.

Plus danced with gay abandon at the rain dance holi party.

My cousin A invited me around noon to join her and J, her boy friend to play holi.  So i did. I even had to buy clothes because i was out on work and dressed for that. But no regrets. Except that i missed not having the rest of the family around.

How was your holi?

{We went to the Taj Residency to the Big Fat Holi Bash hosted by Bisket somebody. You have to pay to enter but the drinks, colorm food and rain dance is all part of it.}


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