Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Shoes... By Jove!

Jove has some pretty pretty shoes. I like these peep toe flats for day time casual wear but i'd probably end up wear it all the time. The beige-white with the little bit of green means i could wear it with anything!

I don't really need more shoes, a new shoe cupboard maybe. Because i just got 6 new pairs. Sigh! All the stress of the past fortnight made me go insane...

While i try to fight the urge to not buy new shoes, you check out these other Jove styles i like.

1. Shocking pink heel sandals: sexy!
2. Sweet pale pink flats 
3. The peep toes featuring here
4. Grey wedges with ankle tie and the black ones that are even better.
5. Beige peep toes stiletto. I'd never wear heels that high, but these are perfect if you wear heels everyday.


  1. hey hi.. where do you get these jove shoes??

    1. you can get them on jabong.com - just click on the link and it will take you directly there Nishi!

  2. Hi, do we have to purchase online or are these shoes available in any store as well… would prefer to buy off the shelf, always face a challenge with getting the right size unfortunately so am very skeptical about buying online.


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