Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Never-ending Internet woes

Here's the much-awaited rant! 

I had been having trouble with the speed on Tata Photon Plus and after several complaints and a year of waiting i gave up and decided to switch to another ISP. Even a month after disconnecting i am still having trouble with them...

Either i am going d-uh or my ex-ISP is! I have asked over 5 emails why they take 5 days to disconnect my service and why i should pay a rental for their delay... the last response was this 

"We apologize for the delay response.

We regret to inform you that we are unable to process your request towards the adjustments for the period of cancellation.

However, you will provided with cancellation discounts towards your bill."

I can't make any sense of this... Can you? Please to help (inspired by the grammar in their email!)

I have recently switched over to Airtel 3G. At least, i know that i wont have to deal with the Customer Service department as long as my friend Bhargavi is working there. It's been a hassle-free month so far and i hope this continues...

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