Tuesday 10 April 2012

My haircutting adventures. This time at Fery's

Today, i am going to rant in one post and rave in one. I thought i should start with the rave. No fair me sharing my troubles first thing in the morning with you all!

I got my haircut last Saturday. At Fery's. It's fabulous and i highly recommend it :D

Read the inordinately long story of how it came to be and also see the photo after the jump or skip it altogether... you know everything you have to know already, except visual proof of my claims!

So this Saturday, Yamini and i were chilling and chatting.
A: I want a haircut.
Y: Ok, let's go.
A: (in her head) Sometime next week and i need to think some more. P
A aloud: But where
Y: Hmm
A: Toppers.. naah.... Haakim's Aalim ... bored.... Fery's
Y: Let's go to Fery's... you will either hate it or love it!
A: Hmm Hmm. Ok, let's go!

2 phone calls later - we were on our way to Fery's to get my hair cut by 'madam'.

We reached GS Mall, a building whose parking lot was scary-roller-coaster-steep. I am not exaggerating... the thought of even walking down that slope is scary. To say the least, this was a bad start and i was apprehensive already. After walking up a rather sad looking set of stairs, i was more apprehensive than ever.

After seeing the purple and sea green interiors that looked like it must have been 'cool' at least 15 years ago, the butterflies in my stomach started going insane. And when i saw there was no one in the parlor but just Y and i, i was ready to flee. But i told myself, nothing ventured, nothing gained and sat down to get my hair washed. That's when things started to look different.

The shampoo was done well. Not one hair was tugged or pulled and not once did the girl washing my hair tell me that my hair was 'too dry' which it is and what i know already. No unnecessary chit-chat either.

Hair washed and combed and cape covered i sat on the chopping block waiting for madam to emerge. She soon did and i was almost ready to flee again! Her hairstyle wasn't something to envy. A middle-aged woman in a long orange dress, with tattoos and messy blonde hair. Now what had i got myself into!

I was worrying unnecessarily.

Fery was calm, cool and so sure of herself that i think she could be sleeping and still cut your hair well. And the best part, she listened to me. I had just one wish - that my hair frames my face and that it does. I also had a secret wish - a fringe to cover my big forehead that i dint tell her about. (I have had more than a few fringe disasters with one that was rather ghastly and just one good one so far. Bad record. No. I wont ask for a fringe.)

But Fery gave me a fringe anyway. Yes, that forehead is strikingly big. And that fringe is perfect. Just how i wanted it to be :D

After the hair cut i even got my pedicure done. I have no complaints on that either. Just goes to show, i need to explore and experiment a lot more to discover hidden gems.

So what do you think? Do you like my new look? I do and i'd highly recommend Fery's for your next hair cut!

{Fery's is one of the oldest hair salons in Hyderabad. It is located in GS Mall, Somajiguda and you can call them on +(91)-40-66045559 for an appointment. Also ask to see their catalog, there are some interesting styles in that folder.}


  1. such memories. that same lady gave me the best haircut of my life. it was post-rebonding and my hair was at it's ugliest but she truly made it perfect. i got the oil massage done before the cut and that was great too!

    1. Hey Nags, how have u been? that lady is really really good and i am happy after a long long time! will try the oil massage next time... i am a big fan of massages!!

    2. been good! i check your blog each time you have something new btw. and i keep clicking on and on into related articles :D hehe


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