Wednesday 23 May 2012

Naveena, Amy Style

Naveena lives and works in LA ... you may remember her from the time she made an appearance earlier as a guest blogger where she shared the recipe for a Pecan Pie.

Naveena is stylish and well turned out always... but when a stylist friend of hers helped put outfits together for her, she upped the  style quotient even more...

There are plenty of outfit combinations that Amy worked on for Naveena... but this one is my absolute favorite... the short skirt that shows off the legs, the striped tee and the scarf to add that 'pop' off color. Gorgeous, don't you think?

{for more stylish outfits, go here}


  1. hard to pick a look from the collection... but this was my fave look too... and those legs! sigh!

    1. there's one more i really like - the shorts and the blazer... she looks hottt :D

  2. Aw jeez guys! Ambi, thanks for the post!! I feel special being featured :)

    1. Thanks for agreeing to be part of this! :D


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