Friday 25 May 2012

Short, when it is hot

When i was in Bombay, i saw people of all ages and sizes wearing shorts and walking about...  In Hyderabad too, i see people wearing them in the Hitec City area... but never anywhere else...

I wear shorts when i am at home. Or when i travel. But very rarely when i am going out in Hyderabad. But yesterday, I just gave up... the heat was killing me and i roamed around my beloved city wearing shorts... Of course, i hardly roamed, just got into my car, got out, met a friend and came back home. That's all.   Not bad, even then!

I wonder how much longer it will take for my city to change and it will be quite alright to wear the clothes you want and not get eve-teased?

{Today, I saw these lovely sage green shorts with lace trim here. So pretty. I want.}

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