Friday 8 July 2011

Chocolate truffles

My cuz Aditi left yesterday for a two-week course at the London School of Economics (how wonderful for her). I made these Chocolate Truffles getting my hands dirty and chocolatey. The recipe was shared by Aru, my answer to all things cooking. 

Try it. It's simple and you can't go wrong. Really.

PS: Though I used whiskey this time, the ones i had made with rum were yum-mmmmier.


  1. I didn't get nuthin' when I went to a B-school... admittedly, that was 'only' in Delhi, but still...

    Seriously though, they do look yummy... when do I get to say they taste yummy as well?

  2. sorry CC. I wasn't cooking much then. Remember i was not married. how can it be 'only' delhi. baah. come home and you will get this. just give me like an hour's notice.

  3. Ha ha, was kidding.

    Cook something nice on Sunday. I'll come around 12-ish. Not truffles in particular... anything nice and easy to cook. Macaroni should be good too! :)

  4. Sunday noon came and went bro.


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