Thursday, 3 May 2012

Girl with curls

Have you ever curled your hair with a curling iron? This Monday, while spending time with two of my much younger cousins, one of them asked if we would like to color our hair blue or pink with some temporary goop she had got from the US. I had the good sense to no, but the offer of curling hair was something i couldn't refuse. She did a super job that me, and my friends all loved it. I had to wash my hair the next day and with a lot of angst, i washed it. Thankfully, Yamini did not mind and managed to do a fabulous job. Tell me, have you used a curling iron ever?

This is the YouTube video that taught me Yamini:

PS: I love these curly locks so much, i am going to keep this look for a bit. :D I just need to find people to curl my hair for me!

PPS: What a great way to keep the curling iron, don't you think?

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