Monday 30 April 2012

2 interesting reads

I haven't been posting as much as i would have liked to...

The new blog has been taking a lot of my time. I fired my maid so i had a lot of housework to do. I also decided that the time to clean the house is now and so i was at it, morning to night - clothes, crockery, kitchen, books - everything had to be sorted and cleaned. Please accept my apologies...

And now, for the interesting reads. One's hilarious, but true. And the other, it's an interesting checklist that went viral and was a huge hit - 30 things a woman should know, before she turns 30.

{The extremely funny one that all women will agree with. Wendi Aarons }
{The checklist, that i am seeing a few years too late.}

{image from foxtongue's flickr stream}

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