Wednesday 3 July 2013

I want to go someplace beautiful

When you can't do something you want to do that very thing. It happens to me a lot. And right now, i want a holiday. I want it so bad, that i feel like i need a holiday. Work and life has kept me busy for quite some time now and my last holiday that lasted longer than 36 hours was almost a year ago.

I think i need Goa.

4 days in front of the sea, doing pretty much nothing but looking at the waves and sipping the occasional iced Mojito. Gorging on delicious food. Bike rides at sun down. Foot massages under a beach umbrella. The sand clinging to my feet after a dip in the sea.

I do need Goa. And i need lots of luck to make it happen.

{The Arabian Sea Bay of Bengal from a hillock: Vizag, Apr 23 2013 on a work trip} (Amended: Thanks to my IG friend @banglorean for his input and better knowledge of geography!)


  1. {The Arabian Sea from a hillock: Vizag, Apr 23 2013 on a work trip}
    ^^ YOU CANNOT SEE THE ARABIAN SEA FROM VIZAG UNLESS YOU'RE ABOUT 6,56,000 FT TALL.....!!! Which, upon seeing Mooshak pics, I doubt you are even half that tall ;)
    My guess is this should either be the Pacific Ocean, Dal Lake, or the Bay of Bengal

    1. really!! i thought it was... did a mental geography which was absolutely mental!! gosh! i feel like a dumb nut (which i am but dont like to be reminded of it!!) I will go with option 3.

      PS: I am not 656000 feet tall but i aint that short either. Damn. i gotta find the revolver!!

  2. haha! btw, just to remind you....

    dumb nut :p

  3. haha! tubelight!! go to Chachaji and tell him your ballast needs replacement. You need an electronic ballast now! the one that makes the light come on instantly.... (and if necessary dimmable, to sheild yourself from all the faltu jokes i'll chuck at you)

    1. ha ha!! whats the point in getting a dimmable ballast... since i am a dimwit anyways!! but yeah, your powers of observation are to be admired... :) first the arabian sea and then the fortuneart. fortunately you are my friend now. so i can breathe easy!


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