Thursday 6 October 2011

The Apple way of life

I can't understand why it upsets me so that Steve Jobs is no longer alive. I mean ok, i use an iPod, a MacBook, almost use an iPhone (that i whacked off from someone  couple of days back) and am lusting to get an iPad but that hardly is reason enough for me to get all teary eyed on learning of his demise. Not that i knew the man personally ever. He lived thousands of miles away in a geeky universe after all. Or as i'd like to think a creative universe. In fact, i converted to being a mac-fan only recently, just a few months ago. So complete is my conversion that every time i turn on my computer, i find the genius of it an overwhelming experience. The design, the usability, the little details, the simplicity - it's all so perfect. It could be PMS or it could be something else altogether. But, it's a fact that the world today has lost one of it's most brilliant creative geniuses to something our medical fraternity can't yet fight. A sad loss altogether.

PS: He made a speech to the Stanford graduates in 2005 that a friend of mine recommended i watch (which i haven't yet). Here's the link to that.

{pic from the apple site.} 

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