Friday 7 October 2011

Papier Mache - a pot pourri bowl

Papier Mache is fun. Messy fun, but fun nevertheless. It's also easier (and more colorful) when you replace newspaper with crepe paper ribbons.

You need: Balloons, Crepe paper or any other paper, Flour, Water, Fevicol or adhesive, Newspaper and Patience.

1. Spread the newspaper on the floor.
2. Cut the crepe paper ribbons into small bits. Mix water and flour to make a thin watery paste. Mix some Fevicol in. (I'd say the ratio would be 5:1:1). 3. Blow balloon to the size of bowl you want and draw a circle around it to give you an idea of where you want to layer to.
4. Dip paper into the paste and start placing it over the balloon. Layer as much as you like.
5. Dry.
6. Burst the balloon. Varnish it or leave as it is. That's about it.

It took me 3 bowls to get to something that looks half way decent. But it was totally worth it. I tried to also make a square papier mache bowl using a square tin and some cling film. That worked too. Yes, there are lots of possibilities and i am going to papier mache a lot more in the days to come...

PS: The studio / guest room is messier that it looks. Way more.

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