Friday 7 October 2011

Another DIY - How you can convert any glass bottle in to a lamp shade base

This beautiful bottle has been sitting on a coffe table since a long time, waiting to be converted into something useful. It's a lamp shade now and i din't even have to drill holes in to the glass.

How's that you ask? You need a little bit of m-seal and that's about it.

Imagine a flying saucer with a thimble below it. That's the shape you need to create with the m-seal. Fix the bulb holder in the wet m-seal and a make a small hole for the wire to pass through. Yes, that's all. Good luck if you attempt it.

PS: I know i should have taken a pic of that contraption and i promise i will, when i make the next one. There are a few more bottles i need to convert. 

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