Monday 6 May 2013

Shootout at Wadala

I went and watched a film in the theatre after a really long while. The last one was Himmatwala that i watched more than a month ago. Shootout at Wadala is infinitely better than Himmatwala but that is no measure of a movie's worth! 

Recipe for a successful film - You need a cast that includes good looking actors with great bodies. Make the movie stylish - show drops of water falling slowly and use crazy camera angles, then you can shock the audience with gory and innovative action sequences and titillate with half-naked bodies. Finally, throw in some really bold lovemaking scenes. For the songs you need revealing costumes and beautiful bodies; who cares about the lyrics and music anyways? 

As my sis-in-law put it very succinctly - what a waste of tomato ketchup. 

Okay, Shootout at Wadala is not all that terrible, but honestly, i was very disappointed. Except all the men looked really hot. 

Despite the lack of wrinkles. (Hail Botox!)

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