Monday 6 May 2013

Have a lovely week!

How was your week? Mine was both bad and good. The bad being me having another accident, which was totally a moron's fault and no i am not referring to me. The good bit is the party at home that i hosted yesterday... more details on that later.

Here's some of the interesting stuff from my web wanderings of the week past. Hope you enjoy it.

Upma of a different kind; puli-upma from Jeyashri's Kitchen. Should try!
bloomin onion... so pretty :) Gotta try, but without the egg, i wonder if it would work...
Gorgeous office makeover.
I want a paper globe.
And I also want these ride me out sandals.
Romantic poetry. *Sigh*
Exposed lights can look so gorgeous.
And this girl who is drop dead gorgeous.

Hope you have a fab week and pray there are no more mishaps in store for me this year. Yes, there has been more than one in less than a year and i am a little more than little worried.

{Photo: on a hilltop somewhere between Vizag and Bheemili. Used a D3S}


  1. waaw... Arabian Ocean..
    (btw, nice pic!)

    1. oh bangalorean!! i want to kill you. but since you said nice pic... i am going to forgive you

    2. and since you are taking the effort to take actually read... i am actually very happy!! ps: i looked at your site... more on that later!

  2. :) i think i may be as happy to read it too, since i'm doing it without making any real "effort"!

    and your "more on that later" seriously makes me feel like that very schoolboy (who's pappa brings tiffin lunch box with lemon rice during lunch recess), who has given his exams a few days ago, and suddenly realises it's "results day" tomorrow!!! :-O haha..! ;)

    1. awww!! thats cute and very heartening!! :D you seriously made me day Bangalorean! More on that later... sorry i sounded like that.... (not very though!) just that i mean to get some work done and i will share my thoughts... which are all very good btw... later...


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