Wednesday 27 February 2013

Personalize your gifts at engrave.in

I want this canvas print of Starry Night - one of my favorite paintings by the Dutch master Vincent Van Gogh. Isn't it so stunning?

I could do with a giclee or an print till i get this one... if you know where i can find it, please tell. (I also like Cafe Terrace as much, so a print of that would do great too.)

By the way, if you are looking for personalized gifts try engrave.in. They have canvas prints, engraved plaques and sign n gift prints. While i do wish they had more options in their ready-to-buy section, the customize section is pretty neat. The prices? Well, they are a little on the steeper side but they do have gifts starting for as little as Rs. 500. And gift cards too. Perfect for when you are not sure of the recipient's taste!

{pic from engrave}


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