Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Made my bed and i have to lie on it...

I have always loved floor beds and low beds. Back when i was in high school, i had my parents throw my bed away and piled about 4 mattresses on the floor to make a floor bed that i totally loved.

When i was shifting homes recently, i ditched my bed again and moved the mattress to the floor. I love it. Despite three problems that i have with it.

1. It's a single mattress only and i'd like the bed to be slightly plumper. This one's easily solved so i will order a cotton mattress. Soon.

2. I have a dressing table that i can't discard because i need it. For the mirror and the storage it provides. But it's tall and really cannot be altered. What do you suggest i do? I can buy another, but most tables are tall and i definitely want a full length mirror. Yes, i am pretty vain that ways!

3. I dont have a bedside table. Again, everything i have found / seen is too tall. I need one so i can keep a bedside lamp, my chargers, and a bottle of water. Any suggestions? A DIY where i could convert something else into a bedside table? Please help!!!

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{If you like floor beds and want to look at some dreamy bedrooms, head to Apt. Therapy}

PS: Isn't this floor bed so gorgeous? Love the use of wooden pallets or crates or whatever they are called but in apna desh, this would become a dust-infested nightmare in a few weeks or maybe less!


  1. Have you tried fabfurnish.com? they have some cute storage stuff at nominal rates. You could also scour the local antique shops. :-)

    1. I have seen some stuff there... but right now i am really trying to not buy stuff, either use what i have or make something!! local antique shops... that's something i want to do... and will soon.


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