Wednesday 21 December 2011

Road, Rajasthan

Bajra fields
barren land
greens browns
golden yellows

Plains here
plenty there
blue blue sky
grey grey road

was that mustard plants i saw?
or a pigment of my imagination

So many trucks
but empty are the roads
a peacock here
then two more
why did the deer cross the road?

Camel heads jut from amidst the trees
along side are the goats,
the sheeps forage
while cows graze placidly

An eye got rheumy
or was it the dust?
the sun shines brightly
it's reflection
twinkling merrily on my window
and i smile.
being alone is beautiful
why did i think it'd be lonely?

{written a poem after a really long time. would love to hear your thoughts.}

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  1. I love the picture along with the poem :-)


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