Tuesday 20 December 2011

To Jaisalmer and back

I have not been around since a week now and i haven't heard a squeak from you all now. Looks like no one's missing me.

So, with that out of my system, here's the first thing i want to share with you.

I made a quick 1-day road trip to Jaisalmer and met this really old friend from fashion school whose shoulder i always cried on. We met after 13 years so you can imagine how much we had to catch up on.(barring a dinner i think about 5-6 years ago where we hardly spoke.) The strange thing is i thought we might not connect or have changed a lot but it was like those years never existed and we had met just yesterday.

The journey was beautiful, the catching up was joyous and watching the dusk at Sam was incredible.  Am so glad i met you, Anshul.

More pics from Jaisalmer coming up soon...

PS: The other A is here and we went for a mini-vacation to Ranthambore where we spotted a Tigress in the Jungle. But more on that later when i transfer the pictures and all.

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