Monday 7 November 2011

Magenta or how you can brighten up your day

Magenta is kind of my new favorite color. I wore a magenta skirt for Diwali and i have some other stuff in magenta - a sweater and a stole, few pairs of footwear, kurtas and some such.

I love the way this outfit has been put together. So even though it's more hot pink than magenta it's here.

Ok, this posts coming all disjointed. All i wanted to tell you that go get something magenta this winter. It will make drab days feel fun and totally perk up your day. If you think magenta clothing would be much too bright for work, then find a smaller bit of magenta - watch, scarf, beads. Something. Anything.

{oh so stylish lady photu from the Atlantic Pacific blog}

PS: Magenta looks awesome with our Indian skin. Honestly. Any Indian skin color would look fab when covered in Magenta. Now hot pink, that's a different story altogether.  

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