Monday 7 November 2011

Corner table / coffee table / balcony table

You remember last week i had gone to this restaurant in Inorbit called Chily's with the girls. I fell in love with their retro printed tile tables.

I think it would be a wonderful way to brighten up a space and since tiles are so easy to maintain it would be perfect for outdoor spaces. Come rain or shine, the tile topped table would be perfect

Find an old wrought iron table. Paint it (or not, if you like the distressed look like me). Find ceramic tiles (you can choose from plain, printed, single color, multi color, multi printed or a mix of all of them). Fix them with white cement.

This is not an easy peasy project but i am hoping i will find a way to do it.

{You can find detailed instructions on Living with Lindsay but all the stuff you need you may not find it easily here. }

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