Saturday 10 September 2011

Modak - Festival food fits for the Gods

Every year, for as long as i could remember my mother has been making these sweet treats at least once during the 10-day festival. This time though, she hasn't. And since she isn't keeping well, I don't have the heart to ask her to make these for me.

Should I try making them for a change? I am pretty intimidated and think a thousand times before i try my hand at traditional sweets or savouries (my mother and aunts are fabulous cooks and their feats in the kitchen can daunt  most decent cooks.)

The recipe on the Tarla Dalal website seems simple and the only times my 'cooking with a book' has never failed is when i have used a recipe that i have found on the pages of a Tarla Dalal cookbook... So should I?

And have you made modaks? Any tips or suggestions?

Pic from Tarla Dalal. The link takes you to the recipe too.

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  1. its pretty simple actually. i made it with fil last year after getting sketchy instructions from the mil on the phone...ofcourse his modaks had better shape than mine.. but that's experience!


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