Friday 27 May 2011

Dynamic Views on Blogger

Finally, something really nice happened on blogger. 
Dynamic View
First click on these links to see what it is.


Let me show you how to activate this on your blogger blog 
in three easy steps. 
1. Go to your dashboard, click on settings, then go to the formatting link.
2. Scroll down to Enable Dynamic View and select Yes.
3. Go to your Internet browser, type in the name of your blog and add /view to it.


Yes. It's that easy. You can view any blog in Dynamic View 
if the blogger has enabled dynamic views on their settings. 

Dont you think my blog looks *sexy* in dynamic view?
I can't decide which one i like the best. Yet. 

Try it. 
And do tell me which one you liked the best. 
If you liked it at all.
But, it's nice.
So you will.

Ok, I am shutting up!! 

My friends' blogs in DV.

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