Friday 27 May 2011

Bangalore Greens

There is nothing more refreshing that looking at some greens. 
So what if you are sitting at work, in front of the computer screen?

(That rhyme thing was not deliberate. Honestly.)

These greens are darker but still as soothing
One's a bean and the other - a weed nothing.

(This is where i put in a little effort. Honestly, i should stop. Now)

If you get bored of the greens, here's a white not so pure
And a magenta to look at while you search me a cure.

(Are you annoyed already with my punning. Honestly?)

Here's the last one, a bunch that fell on the ground
The prettiest pic of the lot, my fav from the walk around.


I sincerely hope I haven't put you off my blog with my silliness.
But don't hate me, just because my poems lack finesse.

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