Saturday 2 April 2011

Pull it back

When you wake up before the roosters do, your hair is super greasy, and you are already late, just pull it back with a wide hairband. It's super-effective, super-quick and looks pretty decent.

How many hair- bands do you have? If your answer is zero, go buy one at least. They are very fashionable right now and look super cool. And work well on bad-hair days.
Doesn't she look pretty? Though I do think the eyes are a tad over-done...

Neelam has never experimented with her hair and though this look is classic, I am totally loving it.

This one is my favorite. And you don't even have to buy a hair-band. Raid your wardrobe and you are sure to find an old bandhini dupatta languishing there. Cut off about 6 inches, get the edges pico-ed, and you are set. Your dupatta won't get ruined either.

What do you do on bad-hair days?

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