Monday 25 April 2011

I have been away far too long from this blog now.

I lost my FIL to a sudden cardiac arrest on April 13, around midnight. It was a tough time for the family -  The last rites, the travel to Mysore for the immersion of the ashes and the pujas that followed thereafter, my ill-health and the doctor's visits left me drained - physically and emotinally.

My FIL was the strongest person i know who bore all his illnesses with fortitude. I am sure he is in a better place right now, happier and in less pain...

My only wish is that I had spent more time with him, a regret that I will live with. I also now realize, that I can't keep putting off things to another day... So I have made a promise to myself, to live more fully, enjoy each day and work a little bit harder to make my dreams come true.

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