Thursday 14 April 2011

Freeda and her Koo Koo n Kute Stuff

I love you, Internet. You make my life very interesting. I am amazed at the kind of talent that people have, and which only you can bring closer to me.

Now that that's out of the way let's talk about Freeda Lazar and her Koo Koo N Kute stuff.

Yesterday, Bila who calls me Bica, sent me a link to a tumblr called Radioactive Rasam. First reaction was WOW! Even before I saw the blog. Double-WOW when i saw it. I still did not know this was Freeda's blog (she atleast needs to put her name in there, methinks). When Bila told me this was Freeda's blog, i walked a few steps down memory lane, when I had met Freeda at Bila's workplace for the first time in Bangalore. She was busy making plasticine figures for a shoot and i was very impressed with what i saw. Then i saw her Fink Fixels (loved) and her wedding card (also loved).
The Koo Koo n Kute Stuff: She has just started a line of hand-painted and stitched curtain holders and door huggers that will make you ooh-n-aah and go I-want-I-want. 
Mellow Yellow Curtain Holder
Red Flutter Fly
Yellow Bumble Bee
Fat Birdie Sr

Yellow Bumblebee Sr and Jr

Awesome stuff this. And all hand-painted too.  Send an email to freedalazar@gmail.com if you want these cuties.


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