Monday 28 February 2011

Fashion Files: What are you wearing today?

What do you do with mustard and red traditional maheshwari block-printed cotton that you buy from Shilparamam?
Keep it simple and get a round neck with slit, A-line semi-fit kurta? (most of my kurtas look like that, ready-made or otherwise)
Get some embroidery done on it to jazz it up?
Add lots of glittering ribbons, tapes and borders to it?
Or use the gold border it has on the edges to make a pattern?

I thought of all 4 but didn’t go with any. What I did instead was get a simple empire yoke done with a gathered body below and a 6” frill at the end of it. I also asked for a broad round neck and a fitted yoke. Added red trim to it and voila! – a stylish new outfit is ready.

PS: I was worried that I would end up looking fat since the fabric is cotton and may not drape well… but fortunately, all my fears were unfounded. What do you think? 

PPS: Can you spot my haldi-stained hands?


  1. looks good babe.... wasnt this the fabric we bought together? where are the proper ghagra pics?

  2. nooo... i got this when i went Kiran. This was on my last visit sometime this January...http://ambicasrimal.blogspot.com/2011/01/shilparamam-again.html

    ghaghra pics... soon... waiting for the wedding pictures to come!! dint take my camera that evening! maybe i can model it again and you can take the pictures again!


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