Sunday 27 February 2011

Material Girl Buys: Silver Earrings n more

Ma and I went to General Bazaar today – the closest Hyderabad has gotten to street shopping. 

Ma 's purchases: 
Banarsi silk fabric in colorful stripes for Rs 120 a metre and leaf green with silver weave for Rs 250 a meter which she stitch for cushions that she has.
Raw silk fabric in leaf green for a cushion mattress that she does not. For Rs 120 a metre.
Lenin for shirts for dad – 5 instead of the 2 she had originally planned on. Rs 1500 

My purchases: 
Cotton doormat, handwoven, in faded pink for Rs. 25. 
Super-stylish silver earrings for Rs 1150. From a non-descript store that had mostly traditional gold jewelry. He has some other interesting silver ornaments. Enter General Bazaar, take the second right. It's the third or fourth silver / gold shop on your left hand side. 
Two silver nose pins, another unexpected surprise. From a shop selling traditional silver jewelry and other knick-knacks. (I have been looking for Silver nose pins since a long long time. Not found at Bangkok or Bikaner. A few at one shop in Bangalore. And in two shops in one week in Hyderabad!)  

A day full of happiness - read emails filled with love and encouragement, got some lovely things and stuffed my face with a lot of yummy chat (from the Marwari stand at the ParkLane corner). 

My ma always complains that I never wear any of my gold jewelry. How could I when my first love is and has always been silver? 

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