Tuesday 4 January 2011

Shilparamam Again!

Anyone can drag me to Shilparamam. Anytime. Actually, anyone can take me to any shop any time after the magic word ‘shopping’ is uttered! So of we went to Shilparamam – Kiran, Ashreya, Vinnie . ON my 4th or was it 5th visit this year… I picked up a mustard and yellow cotton suit, two necklaces, a set of bangles and a multicolored stole.
Cost: Maheshwari Cotton Suit – Rs 450, Necklace multi colored – Rs 120, LongGold Bead Necklace – Rs 200, Bangles – Rs 100, Stole – Rs 170
Purchased at: Shilparamam
Other purchases: None!! J


  1. you went to shilparamam again? i love everything....especially the bangles...

  2. ty ty :) i went again and can go again if you want!


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