Thursday 3 December 2009

The week that went by...

Sunny Side Up has moved to 13, Wahab Nagar.
Yes, they loved the office. It looks sunny, cheery and happy. Despite all the hiccups, last minute redos and the fights with the carpenter, i am very happy with how it looks.
I have asked Raam and Somak to take pictures with their fancy cameras. But, i guess i will have to do it myself soon. Gotta move fast though before they mess it too badly.
I fell down on Sunday. I am wearing a crepe bandage around the ankle. Still.
I was gifted a phone by the SSU boys. It's great. Yes, I already dropped it once today. It has GPRS, a 2 MP Camera, Bluetooth and enough technology to keep me really happy. Will someone gift me a Bluetooth handsfree?
Did not log on the net since the last 5 days. I did not miss it.
Ok, I lied about the last one.

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