Saturday 12 December 2009

Pocket main rocket hai. Singh main King hai...

Let me first get rid of the elephant in the room - Yes Ranbir Kapoor is cute. Very much so.

Story: The story of Harpreet Singh Bedi, fresh out of college where he got bad grades, in his first job as a salesman where he can't make the grade either, who does not let go of his ideals and does not compromise on his principles. Does he move from zero to hero?  

My 5 cents: The movie crackles largely, though, i admit, there are a few parts where it fails to fly, but a fabulous film nonetheless. 

I connected because: It reiterates 2 of my personal views on business and something i bore my team with all the time! | Be honest - Don't lie to the customer or sell them something they don't really need. | Be nice - Deliver service, sales will happen.

Lines i liked: Otherwise, I'll remain the joker Sardarji and you the item girl. | I have never  heard of a Sardar who is a thief.| Even Superman has to take risks. I am, just a salesman.

My take: Go watch it. 

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