Tuesday 3 November 2009

Back from Germany

jai came back on sunday from germany.
we got up at 7:30 so we could go to the airport and embarass him.
i picked up roli (for tikka) rice, sweets for him and a packet of sabudana chips for me.
raam and i picked up bagsi and headed to the airport. it was a fine day that was yet to become too hot.
the sparkling new flyover stood shimmering in the morning light, but first we had to pick up a garland for jai.
is the same song playing repeatedly? did bagsi tinker with the player? yeah, we listened to each song more than 3 times.
reached the wrong terminal and then the right one. they saw each other, eyes lit up and then they hugged.
jai had not spotted me or raam until then. in true paparazzi style i appeared, camera in tow, hugged jai and and went click, click, click...
after stowing the luggage carefully in the boot, bagsi picked up the garland, chased jai, raam caught jai and bagsi eventually garlanded him. while she want back to get the tikka thali, jai garlanded the car. phew! men make such a big deal over such small deals.
after a stopover at chutneys for a big raam-size breakfast, we dropped jai and bagsi at their place, and headed home.
except we dint really go home. raam had to check out some prints at  the printers shop so we headed there, sat for about an hour and then finally headed home.

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