Thursday 27 August 2009

After a really loooooooooooong time

Somehow time flew by. The months changed and the year too and my blog stood still. Once in a month or so, i would type in the url and see the blog, read what i had written and then simply close the window for no rhyme or reason. Maybe to tell myelf that the blog still existed somewhere in cyberspace. Today has been an unusually boring day at work. It's been deader than whatever is the deadest. After looking at profiles of actors, singers, directors profiles on wikipedia and other such pointless net surfing, i logged onto www.ambicasrimal.blogspot.com and then something within me decided to log in and the next logical step followed... and here i am typing my next entry. Inconsequential act maybe, but it has been one giant leap for me.


  1. hey ambica........i visited your blog. Iam first to read whole blog.

  2. ty raj, but i was the first..


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