Monday 24 March 2008

Road trip to Warangal - I

I hate car trips. And bus trips. Any road trip for that matter. And everyone around me knows how much i hate it. And i have been pestering AK, RD, and the gang to do a road trip to Warangal. It's been like this constant stuck record anytime i see a window of 2 days. let's go to warangal. let's go to warangal. let's go.

Why warangal?
1. Warangal is about 146 kms from Hyderabad which means a 3 hour drive at the most.
2. I had been getting restless
3. I dint have too much time or money to spend
4. Warangal has a fort and a temple and lakes nearby.
5. I have a new car. So let's go

And then there was this long weekend - holi on saturday and the sunday (for us that is a loooong weekend). 2 from the group had gone to Goa (cheapos dint even bother telling me). So that left AK, RD and me. Perfect.

Trying to convince Raam was simple. RD, this weekend let's go to Warangal was all i had to say. He has been itching to go camera crazy and naturally, agreed in a jiffy. Getting AK to agree was another thing altogether. He is the king of excuses. For anything (except watching a film) the answer is always NO.

No, but my aunt and cousin and niece are here in hyd.
So you spend time with them now.
No, she is leaving on Saturday.
So we are going on Saturday morning.
No, i will have to drop them to station
So your brother will do that.
No, i have to do it.
Ok, let's not go.
No RD and you go.
But i want you to come.
No, i cant.
Then I wont go.
No bibo, you go. I will come in the evening.

Finally... a YES!!

So it was decided. RD and i would leave in the morning by car and AK would come by train in the evening. Super!!

Next day dawned, not sunny, not bright. A beautiful day nevertheless. A little cloudy, a little windy. RD woke me up at 8 like he decided and i woke up at 9:30 like i wanted to. We had a long day ahead and i had to be prepared...

After the nagging levels reached a high that it required more effort to ignore them than sleep, i finally got out of bed. RD made tea. I drank. RD nagged. I ignored. Finally, after making some Chonka Muri for the trip, i got ready, packed and we set out.

It was 11:15 already.

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