Thursday 10 September 2009

Happy families

There are 5 of us living in a largish 4 bedroom apartment, with two living rooms, two dining halls, 2 kitchens and 1 corridor in between the 2 entrances.

There is 4-legged Happy - the youngest and hence obviously most ragged member. He is very agressive, very loving, very mischievous and almost always very happy. He is also the most fussy eater, a little less than Anand though - but i will come to that later.

He (Happy) likes going for walks at 6 in the morning and sometimes at 12 in the night and then again at 2. Happy is also the most good-looking male among the 4 of them - and i am the best looking female :)

 Happy rarely gets angry but is extremely moody, he is very loving and can almost kill you with his love if he is in the mood to show it - some tough love that is.

He frequently gets into trouble and i have to as frequently save him from the other 4 men who just wait for an opportunity to pounce on the poor little fella. You should actually hear Raam, when he starts these really long Marathi lectures. My poor baby - Happy obviously... has to listen to his raving and ranting and then like the single-minded individual he is is, happily gets back to whatever he was doing before. He is the only one i have broken my 'no-non-veg-food-in-the-house-rule' for. I frequently boil eggs for him... but that is for the moment the most i can do. He loves ice creams, sweetmeats, and meats of another kind. He also likes playing catch and loves being chased around the dining table.
Happy's birthday is April the 1st and he was born last year. His parentage is unknown and he was the last person to become a part of our family .
Coming soon: Raam


  1. awww... such a cute post.... and seeing him as a baby leaves me with no doubt why you were so smitten!

  2. ty ty... he was so helpless and had these sad eyes... ohhh.. i had to save him...

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaaweeeee he is so sweet


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