Tuesday 18 February 2014

In the closet 2: Meet Brajmohan Kumar

Presenting Part 2 of the Closet Stories after a horrendously long gap. 

Meet Brajmohan aka Birju Maharaj who is a techie working in a Delhi.

How boring you think? Braj is anything but.

Braj is a self-confessed hopeless romantic, who loves to travel, is an avid photographer, a poet and a man with a wicked sense of humour. We met on Instagram and have found friendship hundreds of miles apart.

He is also a foodie and recently tried out camel milk products on his last visit to Bikaner (which he hasn't told me much about, so i am guessing it was really bad!!)

Meet Birju Maharaj, the geek who is a poet as well.

MG: Share with us your favorite poems, the ones you have written?
BM: Hakeekat and Shabd.
MG: (Did i tell you that he is a man of few words? Since we haven't met yet, I look forward to meeting him and chewing his ear off with my garrulousness!)

MG: Which your favorite poem?
BM: My all time favorite poet is Harivansh Rai Bachhan and his collection of poems in Madhushala. My favorite poem though is from the collection called "MadhuKalash"

"बद्ध विश्व अपूर्ण में मैं, पुण्य मुझमें, पाप मुझमें,
हर बुराई, हर भलाई की मिलेगी छाप मुझमें,
पात्र अपयश का अकेला यदि, प्रकट अन्याय जग का
साथ दोषों के गुणों की भी बनी है माप मुझ में;
मैं जगत के वास्ते अभिशाप हूँ, वरदान भी हूँ;
छा गया अभिशाप लेकिन छिप गया वरदान मेरा
पूछता जग, है निराशा से भरा क्यों गान मेरा?"

MG: Who is your favorite poet?
BM: Harivansh Rai Bachhan and Mirza Ghalib
MG: (He talks so less that his answer was - Bachhan and Ghalib!)

MG: What inspires you to write?
BM: Pain, sadness, separation... ummm too many sad things. If you remember the dialog from movie "Bawarchi" :)
MG: (Unfortunately i don't so someone please enlighten me!)

MG: My favorite poem from his writings:

जब रात की बातें कम पड़ने लगे,
जब उनींदी आँखों को सुबह की रौशनी कम लगने लगे,
कोई सुबह तो ऐसी गुजरे।

जब हँसते-हँसते आँख नम हो जाए,
जब साथ गुजारने को समय कम पड़ जाए,
कोई सुबह तो ऐसी गुजरे।

जब यूँ ही तुम बातों-बातों में हंस दो,
जब यूँ ही हम तुम्हे अपनी पहलु में भर लें,
कोई सुबह तो ऐसी गुजरे।

जब होंठों से बातें ना हों,
जब आँखों की बातें कम ना हों,
कोई सुबह तो ऐसी गुजरे।

I hope you enjoyed meeting Birju. Head over to his blog - Between Sunset and Sunshine, if you are looking to read some fabulous Hindi poetry.

Part 1 featured the gorgeous Divsi Gupta and her tiny collection of shoes.

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