Friday 3 January 2014

Instalove3: Mumbaipaused

Instagram handle: Mumbaipaused

Followers: 3448
Posts: 1960
Photographer: MS Gopal

Meet him: www.mumbaipaused.com

Why I follow: Gopal chronicles everyday life of a city i have grown to love over the years. Buildings, junkyards, people, fashion, typography, markets, newspapers - it's a fascinating look at a city. It is like walking through a virtual museum that chronicles the different cross-sections of life in the biggest, baddest, maddest city of them all - Bombay.

I am a big fan of: The way he writes. His captions are always interesting and he sometimes writes slightly longer stories that are even more interesting.

{All pics are from Mumbaipaused's instadiary}

PS: The picture on BL is of Bangalore

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