Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Food for thought

I learnt to carry biscuits in my car from my sisters whose cars are always full of Parle G biscuit packets. I share them with dogs when i find them scavenging for food in garbage heaps. (I also give them to anyone who asks me for food.) These dogs are harmless and well behaved and it takes me a minute or two to feed them.

This morning on my way to the workout i saw a frail mother with 5 even more frail puppies. Even though i was getting late for my workout, i stopped and left a packet of biscuits for them. They were so scared, they ran away. But the moment i left, they pounced on the biscuits. 

I go to Raam's after my workout to meet Happy and walk him. When i went there this morning i check in the kitchen for leftover food. There was plenty of rice that i mixed with curd and carried it back with me. The dogs were still scared of me and scooted the moment they saw me. But the moment i opened the box and stepped back, they came running back. At least the ones that had the energy to do that. 

I am not sharing this story here to tell you how good i am or what a nice person i am. I have been feeding dogs on the road since a really long time now. But i didn't talk about it for so long because i know you shouldn't talk about it when you help someone.

I am sharing this here because it is a simple thing to do and a good thing to do and maybe it hasn't crossed your mind yet. I am hoping that at least one person reads it and does something for these really adorable homeless dogs. 

It doesn't take much - neither time nor a lot of money; it takes about 30 seconds to open a packet and leave it on the road and a monthly quota of biscuits will cost you about Rs 200-Rs 300 which is really so little. Biscuits don't spoil and you can carry a packet or two in your purse or more in your vehicle.

If you love dogs then it will give you a lot of joy to feed even that one dog. Try it. And if you do... please share your story with others so someone else gets inspired. 

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