Saturday 27 July 2013

Missing ma and dreaming of samosas

My mother is a fantastic cook and there are some things that she makes that no one in our family can ever better. From the top of my head, foods that i remember include gulab jamun, idli, vada curry (a chennai special moong dal vada accompaniment to dosas), bhindi sambhar, bhaapia (a traditional seherwali dish), and of course samosas.

And the weather is perfect for it. (The weather is perfect for fried food everyday!)

And my mother is away. A 20-day trip has stretched to a month long one and today, i am missing her and the awesome samosas she makes.

Sitara Manzoor recently shared this aloo samosa recipe which is very close to how my mother makes it and i thought i'd share it with you guys. No i am not going to make it... but i can look at this picture, miss my ma and dream of samosas.

PS: I was trying to fill the passport renewal form for my parents but i got stuck since i don't know what my mother's birthmark is. :( 

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