Tuesday 30 April 2013


My little garden has so far remained a pipe dream. I planted seeds but i had to travel for a week so i left them with my watchman. Unfortunately, strong winds blew the pots of the shelf in my watchman's make-shift home and broke 2 of my pots and killed the plants in the undamaged pots. I came back and replanted methi and coriander seeds but they didn't survive.

For now, i have decided that all my plants will be water grown and the ones that grow in dirt will be store-brought. I want a bougainvillea and a frangipani and some herbs. Other than that i will try and grow plants in the water.

These are the new additions to my bottle garden... i got these cuttings from a friend's garden and hopefully they will flourish... fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, i also came across an online plants site. It's called gamlaa.com. Have you tried it?  And if you have, what has your experience so far?

{photo: leaves on my kitchen countertop}


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