Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Lorax

Lorax: So you're telling me, that you didn't see me magically appear out of that stump. With all the thunder and lightning. You didn't see any of that?

Please do not miss The Lorax. It is easily one of the sweetest, nicest animated movies i have seen. 

The movie is set in Thneedville, where everything is artificial and you have to buy bottled air to breathe. Ted, a young boy in love with a young girl Audrey, wants to find a real tree to impress her. His search takes him on a journey out of his hometown Thneedville to a stark, barren land where lives Once-ler who is the only one who can help him find a tree. 

I won't tell you the rest for you must go watch The Lorax. 

The Lorax is based on Dr. Seuss' book written in 1971. It is sad that 50 years later that we are still killing trees and destroying forests like we were then. 

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